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Copyright free photo – Cycle point of view

Copyright free photo of a point of view from someone that is cycling

Copyright free photo of a point of view from someone that is cycling


A free stock photo of the point of view from a bike whilst cycling. In the Netherlands cycling is a very popular mode of transportation. Because the Netherlands has virtually no mountains or hills, cycling is very efficient and fast in the densely populated area. Cycling is also a very economical en sustainable mode of transportation, as it requires no fuel and has no emission. This makes it very popular among all generations of people in the Netherlands.


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This photo is Creative Commons Public Domain Dedicated (CC0) and can therefore be used freely. This photo has been captured with a Sony DSC-HX90V Camera*. This Sony Camera* is very compact and light, due to this camera StockyPics can always provide new photos from new subjects and new locations.

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