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Free stock photo blog – Pancake with yellow kiwi

Free stock photo of pancake with yellow kiwi

Free stock photo of a pancake with yellow kiwi

A photo of a pancake with slices of a yellow kiwi and some jam. The pancake was very tasty, and was made with Spelt Flour (Spelt grains contain high amounts of fibre and protein).


You can use this photo for your blog, website or business. Images can make your content/pages/posts more vivid and interesting to read. Also Search Engines love pages with great photographic content, which makes it rank higher in the search results. So even Google thinks it’s an good idea 😉


This photo is Creative Commons Contributed (CC0), which means it is copyright free and can be used for any purpose. A Sony DSC-HX90V Camera was used to take this photo.

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